I currently produce Newsy Briefs, 15-second news promotions that appear on cable, over-the-top and social media platforms for a national news network.
Other NEWSY content
I anchored and edited this piece for Newsy on a United States lawsuit against the European Union claiming subsidies given to French aircraft maker Airbus gave the company an undue advantage in the market.
I edited this piece for Newsy about Conor McGregor's bus attack.

This story focused on the housing situation on the Lake of the Ozarks. Housing near the lake is expensive, pricing many low-income workers who work around the lake out of the area. We talked to multiple low-income workers as well as community leaders about the issues this poses to the community.

This story focused on cuts to in-home care subsidies by the Missouri government. My team and I interviewed a Columbia, Missouri couple who both rely on in-home care to survive. We also talked to disability activists fighting to reverse the cuts. 

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